This New Range Will Change Your Hair Forever

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– Virtue Labs

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Combing through the haircare aisle for a shampoo and conditioner is a little like using tinder to find a husband. Mostly, you end up swiping left. Be it a shampoo that strips away your colour. A conditioner that makes your hair feel oily. Or a formula that leaves your hair dry and dull. Most women have been through this exhaustive search – for haircare, not a husband – and can absolutely relate. But is ‘settling’ really the only option? We’d like to think that the perfect shampoo and conditioner do exist, and not just in hairy-tales. There must be a haircare duo that bring out the best in your hair and leave it glossy, strong and smooth.   

Enter the prince charming of haircare: Virtue Labs. This brand ticks everything on your dream list, plus some. Think silky, smooth hair that belongs on television commercials. No sorcery, just some genius science at work. John Pulitano, the co-owner and creative director of Headcase Hair first tried Virtue in his salon a few months back. His initial thoughts on the new range; “It’s rare that I find a formula that has such an immediate and profound impact on the hair - it’s revolutionary.” 

Here are five things you need to know about Virtue Labs:

1. A not so secret ingredient

The entire range is based on a patented ingredient named Alpha Keratin 60ku. As the story goes, Dr Luke Burnett, a retired US army Colonel who leads a regenerative medicine lab in Winston-Salem found a way to extract keratin in its purest form – Keratin 60ku – derived from ethically-sourced human hair. It is recognised by our bodies and treated as our own because it really is harvested from organic, living hair. It was being used alongside the battlefields to accelerate the healing of burn wounds and regrow tissue for soldiers until it was fortuitously found to also work wonders for hair. 

The beauty of Alpha Keratin 60ku is that binds to the damaged parts of the hair cuticle and fills them in. Haircare before this was always focused on disguising the damage, using synthetic proteins to fill in gaps. But this is the first haircare brand that actually works to heal hair and repair hair, even after the damage is done. Virtue Labs can legitimately leave hair healthier, shinier and smoother.

2. Their Recovery Conditioner has won all kinds of awards

And the winner for the best anti-aging haircare product is? Virtue Labs Recovery Conditioner, as deemed by Harper’s BAZAAR. If you’ve used this product before, you’ll understand why. Not only does it reverse damage every single time you use it, but it also helps to reconstruct frayed cuticles and brittle split-ends. Studies have found that using it regularly will leave your hair 22% thicker and 67% less frizzy. After five applications, hair has been found 22% thicker, while colour has appeared 138% more vibrant. 

3. Their biggest endorser is kind of a big deal

Adir Abergel is the man behind some of the coolest hair do’s in Hollywood. He is also coincidentally the creative director of Virtue Labs. Adir worked under the helm of the iconic stylist Arthur Johns for six and a half years, before going out on his own many years ago. He has since worked a heap with Kristen Stewart, Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway, and a heap of other high-profile celebrities. His philosophy on hair? “I try to bring out the essence of every individual, which I can do because of our relationship,” he says. “Jen Garner’s been my client for almost 20 years now. Kristen Stewart, I’ve been doing since Panic Room. Jessica Biel, since 7th Heaven. What I do for Rooney [Mara] I wouldn’t do for Jen. What I do for Jen I wouldn’t do for Kristen.”

4. They also have styling products

In addition to its extensive haircare line, Virtue Labs has also have finessed a sleek and unique line of styling products. Most famous of all is their 6-in-1 Styler, a universal styling cream that works overtime to prime, soften, shine, hydrate, strengthen, polish and protect hair. Curly haired girls will love the Moisture-Defining Whip, a hydrating mousse that combines Alpha Keratin 60ku with nourishing oils to condition and define curls. If flat roots are an issue for you, their Volumizing Primer will change your life. Simply spray it onto your damp hair section by section, targeting the roots through mid-shaft, then style as normal. The formula works like a memory foam mattress when combined with heat, building volume at your roots and maintaining your style for days. 

5. Virtue Labs create with a conscious

All Virtue Lab products have been stripped of their sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours and dyes. They are even gluten free and cruelty free. Basically, all ingredient deemed a ‘known threat’ to your health have been excluded. In fact, Virtue Labs formulas contain mostly naturally derived ingredients so you can feel rest assured that their products aren’t putting your health at risk in any way.