Why this hairstyler will change your life

By the original founders of GHD and Cloud Nine

There are two distinct periods that make up the history of hair styling: before straightening irons and after straightening irons. It was like the invention of the wheel – but for hair. Suddenly people didn’t need to book in for a blow-dry if they wanted a smooth, glossy mane. Polished hair was accessible to all, and it required very little skill. Plus the number of iron-related injuries fell dramatically - anyone else have vivid memories of laying their head flat on an ironing board to get ready for a night out?

Fast forward to 2019 and almost everyone has a styling wand of some kind in their home, and it’s – in part – thanks to an innovative man named Gary Douglas. One of the three founding members of GHD, Gary has now teamed up with Greg Whatling and Leonie Whatling, the two clever people responsible for the launch and distribution of GHD and Cloud Nine in Australia. The trio have used their combined experience to launch a new product range that builds on all of their knowledge and experience, and it’s called True Me

In a nutshell, True Me is a professional grade product without the hefty price tag. This means it has all the technology, power and features that would impress even the most seasoned hair stylist, at the RRP of $179. Oh, and it comes with a three-year warranty. True Me stylers include features like Keratin-infused ceramic plates with the absolute latest in ion-lock technology (which makes it easier to style with longer-lasting results), one-touch temperature control panel, 360 degree swivel cord, universal voltage, hibernation mode (after 20 minutes of inactivity) and a protective heat guard.

We spoke with the founders recently about the science behind the brand: 

1. What prompted you to start True Me? 

We wanted to make a professional grade product accessible to a wider market. We kept hearing that the quality of styling irons was not what it used to be and that these products weren’t lasting as long. This made no sense to us, given that technology had improved so much and the price of this technology had gotten more affordable.

2. What sets True Me apart from the competition? 

Our quality of product, affordable price plus our 3-year warranty! Also, when you purchase True Me, you are buying from real people who have a real love and passion for what we do.

3. How has the science changed since you first started working on the concept years ago? 

Technology has advanced incredibly, and the cost of this technology has become more affordable.  

4. Talk me through what happens when you use the True Me styler? 

When using any hot hair tool, we must take the layers of hair anatomy into consideration. Heat realigns the hydrogen bonds of the hair by using the shape and movement of the iron. The True Me styler takes this a step further and changes the hair structure. With our irons, you can style your hair and it will last much longer thanks to a secret coating on our iron plates. On top of keeping hair health top of mind, we have also baked Keratin into our plates to help smooth the hair resulting in a shinier long-lasting finish.

5. How does it reduce heat damage exactly? 

When there is no moisture in our hair, it breaks and becomes damaged. Too much moisture will not hold a style. Our product has been made with this in mind. With help from a secret coating on our irons, we are able to remove excess moisture, but retain the perfect amount of moisture in the hair to avoid damage.

6. What features make it hairdresser friendly?

The key factors that make our tools Hairdresser friendly are the lightweight construction and the temperature control. With help from our ion-lock technology, stylists are also able to use our iron at maximum strength (220°) safely, meaning that you can style hair slowly and maintain healthy natural hair, resulting in perfectly styled hair every time. Salons have responded extremely well, they love the fact that we have incorporated the latest technology into our products and that is also reflected in the price. The accessibility of our product is unlike any other.