1. The product supplied has been prepared to assist clients maintain their hair colour during the COVID19 lockdown period. It should be noted that the product supplied and the outcome will not be the same should your hair have been treated by one of the professionals working in our salon.

2. Clients should take every precaution, read the instructions provided below carefully, and implement the instructions as directed. If you have any questions please email us at jenn@headcasehaircare.com.au

a. protect the hairline with barrier cream applying lightly to the skin around the hairline;
b. use gloves when mixing and applying;
c. put the entire contents of 1) colour and 2) developer into a plastic bowl:
d. mix the above really well using a plastic whisk for at least 30 seconds:
e. take care to ensure that the product does not get into the eyes;
f. apply the colourant and developer mixture as supplied by us to you to the regrowth of the hair only - using a tint brush
g. do not exceed development time of 30 minutes
h. Rinse and remove colour with water thoroughly
i. Shampoo and rinse with water twice
j. Condition the hair
k. implement the instructions as directed - Step by step instructions are also provided in a video accessible by link provided upon purchase


3. We recommend that you perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use even if you have used this product before. The allergy test requires you to test a small sample of the product on your skin 48 hours prior to colouring your hair. Should your skin become inflamed or irritated you should not use the product and return it to us.
4. We further recommend that you perform a strand test prior to using the product. The strand test requires you to apply a small sample to your hair in an inconspicuous area away from the scalp. If after leaving the product on for the required period the colour is not as you thought please contact us to arrange a replacement or refund.


5. Clients should note that chemical services can have varying results based on your individual hair. While every care is taken to ensure that you receive the outcome that you want we cannot be held responsible for less than desired results.

6. Any remaining product should be discarded by throwing out. Any left over product should not be saved for subsequent use.

Damage to furniture and furnishings

7. Hair colourant contains chemical that may damage or stain items of furniture and clothing. Care should be taken to ensure that the colourant is placed in such a position that it cannot damage furniture or furnishings. Clients should wear some form of protective clothing to ensure that their clothes are not damaged.

8. There is a risk that items of jewellery may be damaged during the process of colouring. We recommend that jewellery should not be worn during the colouring process.


9. After colouring your hair may feel dry or more brittle with the chance of breakage. We encourage you to use a reconstructive shampoo, conditioner and treatment which can be found at www.headcasehaircare.com.au.
10.We recommend that you use professional hair care products as recommended to you by your stylist. Alternatively can email us for recommendations: hello@headcasehaircare.com.au.


11.The product has been supplied to you with due care and skill and when the instructions are followed correctly, it will be fit for the purpose acquired. For clarity the purpose of the product acquired is for the colouring of scalp hair only.

12.We expect you to truthfully advise us of any medical condition that you have that may cause you an adverse reaction when using this product. If you do not disclose any pre existing medical condition to us on the signing of this form we will rely on your failure to disclose should you suffer any negative reaction to the product.

13.Should you have any questions or concerns about the product you should contact us before using it.

14.In signing this form you acknowledge that you will use the product at your own risk and we will not be responsible or liable for any injury or damage that you may suffer as a result of your failure to follow our instructions.

15.In signing this form you agree to receive the Headcase Haircare enewsletter.