Iles Formula

Haute Performance Conditioner


The jewel of the haircare line, the Iles Haute Performance Conditioner signature conditioner is the reason Iles Formula care range was born. Ideal for all hair types, this conditioner was designed to instantly repair + revitalise even the most damaged hair in less than 60 seconds. It transforms rough straw-like hair into spun silk perfection. Put to the test on the world’s most demanding women, you will see that even when wet, your hair feels smooth and silky. Knots and tangles slide away, leaving a healthy sumptuous texture, with a delicate perfume of white flowers.

How to use

After using the Iles Formula shampoo, apply the Iles Formula conditioner from the mid-lengths and ends before combing through for even distribution. The comb will act as the vehicle delivering exactly the right amount of product to the roots. When rinsing long hair with very dry ends, cup the ends in the palm of your hand while rinsing the roots and mid-lengths before the ends. Think of this conditioner as gourmet food for your hair, a little residue left in the problem areas won’t harm, it repairs!


PH 4.0 - 5.0

Conditions phenomenally all hair types, without leaving a residue buildup on hair shaft.


Renowned for its rich content of polyphenols, Tucuma Palm helps combat free radicals and is full of good-for-you fatty acids to protect and moisturize every hair type.


Pracaxi seed oil comes from the Brazilian pracaxi tree. This hero ingredient can help prevent hair loss, conditions and smooths to the hair, and is emollient (great for adding shine).


Vitamin E has natural antioxidant effects that could help to maintain hair growth and that can help promote a healthy scalp.


Vitamin B5 deeply penetrates the hair to deliver unparalleled moisture to thirsty strands. It also increases pliability, helping your hair withstand breakage. The result is smoothed strands and weightless volume for that full, bouncy look.

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